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Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022

Music, (Teaching) Emphasis, B.S.

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Music Plan I -Teaching

Vocal/Piano/Instrumental K-12

Students seeking a B.S. in Music (Teaching) must take the following exams/proficiencies:

  • Theory Placement Exam/GMAE
  • Audition Placement on Applied Instrument or Voice
  • AAGE/ETS Proficiency Profile Rising Junior (upon attaining 45 hrs. of study)
  • Sophomore Barrier (end of sophomore year)
  • Piano Proficiency Exam

Students must pass all sections of Praxis Core by the end of their sophomore year before they can be admitted to the School of Education; and all sections of Praxis II must be passed before a student can register for student teaching. It is recommended that these tests be taken by the second semester of the junior year.

Students seeking a B.S. in Music (Teaching) must also perform a graduating recital. The graduating recital must be performed prior to student teaching.

General Ed. Requirements 45 hrs.
Area of Specialization Requirements 54 hrs.
Theory I - IV 8
Ear Training I - IV 4
Music History I & II 6
Music Methods Courses 4
(Brass, Percussion, Woodwind, Strings)  
Diction** 3
Piano Class 4
Conducting I 2
Choral Literature & Conducting** 2
Instrumental Literature & Conducting** 2
Jr./Sr. Seminar 0
Sr. Recital 0
Orchestration and Arranging 3
General Music Methods 3
Vocal Pedagogy** 2
Voice Class *** 2
Band Techniques*** 2
Applied Music*** 7
Ensemble*** 7
Ensemble*** 6
Recital Attendance (six required) 0
Professional Ed. Requirements 32 hrs.
Foundation/Development/American Ed. 3
Survey of Exceptional Children 3
Culture Diversity/School/Fam/Comm 2
Human Growth & Development 3
Psychology/Learning/Teach 3
Assessing Middle/Sec/Learning 3
Classroom/Behavior Management 3
Student Teaching - (Clinical) 6
Student Teaching - (Practicum) 6


Suggested Course Sequence

Freshman Year

Total Hours: 18

Spring Semester

Total Hours: 16-17

Sophomore Year

Total Hours: 17

Spring Semester

Total Hours: 15-18

Junior Year

Total Hours: 16

Spring Semester

Total Hours: 16-18

Senior Year

Total Hours: 16

Total Hours: 12

Note: Testing Seminar is not reauired if student passes Praxis during the Freshman year.


*Contingent upon results of Theory Placement Exam. Does not count toward required degree hours
**Piano/Vocal Emphasis
***Instrumental Emphasis
Piano Emphasis must take an additional four (4) hours of electives.

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